Dallas Electrician | Winter Storms

This content was written for Arrow Electric

I’ll never forget this one winter when our city had a huge storm that took out most of the power lines in the area. The only place that we were able to take a shower and get ready for our day was at our gym membership because they had generators. I wish I had known that I could depend on Arrow electric as my Dallas electrician at that time to provide generators that would keep us running through these cold months. Because it was an ice storm so imagine not having heat during that time.

The trees were all down in our neighborhood and we couldn’t even get out of the neighborhood for several days until Cruise came and picked up and made pads for the cars to get out of the neighborhood. So we were freezing and I’m really thankful that we had at least some firewood to keep us warm in the meantime. The temperatures were really low and our house was not keeping heat well after the first two days. So a generator really would have come in handy at that point.

Are electric offers generators at a reasonable price for you because we know how awful it is to be stuck cuddling up when you have work to get done. But if you don’t have a way to get warm it’s really hard to get yourself out of that hole. Especially when we couldn’t go to the store and get more firewood or anything for that matter because the roads were blocked. This is when those generators would have, and extreme handy for my family and me because we were so cold during that week.

Although we did get two bonded together and eat a lot of food and bundle up in our sweat I would have much preferred to do that with a generator at least powering our heater. If nothing else the generator could have powered a space heater for us to have in the living room which is where we all hung out when we were going through this experience. It would have been a lot more comfortable and we could have made a game out of it by making bats or playing board games to win the priority of who gets to have the heater nearest them.

Although I know that you can make it through the storms I would highly recommend using Arrow electric as your Dallas electrician that can provide the generator proactively before winter hits so you know you and your family are covered if you lose power during those cold months. Sometimes you never know when it’s going to be when you will receive power again. We offer these at a reasonable price and that’s why it is in your best interest to invest in one of these is so that you have it on hand when the going gets tough and the air is freezing all around you. call us today.