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Check out our reviews for Dallas electrician with arrow electric at best pick reports. Com. You’ll see that we are highly reviewed and we have testimonials to prove our worthiness of why you should work with us. Are you tired of dealing with other companies that just do not deliver to the standards that you deserve? You shouldn’t even have to ask for this. And that’s why we are here as long as you just call our office and schedule your first service we will do the rest.

As you can see on our website we have testimonials to prove how where they we are to work with us. For instance Melinda highly recommends us because she had tried for months with using a large home improvement store but the light that she needed to have repaired was just sitting in a box for a long time and finally she gave us a call. She worked with Josh who came to her house to install this light would she was Desiring to have over her kitchen island. Josh was super mindful of her knees.

He was professional as well as provided the workmanship that she was Desiring because he was courteous and he did a phenomenal job overall which was a piece of mind for her that lasted as a high for several days. She knew that Josh was someone who actually cared about the work he was doing. And that’s why she highly recommends us and is super satisfied with being a lifelong customer of ours because we have built up trust. We love working with Melinda and it’s been a pleasure to help her over the course of the present and past.

Another client of ours was really satisfied with Larry. She says that she could tell that Larry is really excited about his job and has a passion for it which shows in his workmanship. He was able to provide her the knowledge necessary to make a more informed decision that was needed for her home. Again she needed this for her home it wasn’t just something she wanted and that created the sense of urgency. That’s why she really valued how prompt Larry was and she expresses extreme satisfaction with her experience with us.

Gregory says that he will also always be using us as his Dallas electrician with arrow Electric or any of his future needs. He gives us an A+ because he was having some issues with his kitchen light in regards to the electrical work. He says the crew that came out to his house was professional to No Surprise and they were also very nice. It didn’t take them long to fix the problem which Gregory really appreciated. It is a promise from us that we will deliver Excellence to you with every job that comes with a hundred percent satisfaction from the customer guaranteed. Call us today.