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This content was written for Arrow Electric

Have you been thinking about contacting a Dallas Electrician to look at your old, outdated electrical breaker box? Is your breaker box a Federal Pacific? Is it a Zensco? It may be that is just old and outdated. If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then you need to have this problem fixed! Don’t be left in the dark by waiting too long. Call Arrow Electric today because we are the best at replacing them for you!

When calling a Dallas Electrician, you should make sure the company uses the best products on the market. Here at Arrow Electric we offer our customers service leading panels! Have you heard of Eaton before? They produce the Cutler Hammer panels that we use in every customers home. All of our technicians are Eaton certified which means we are the ones to call when wanting to install one of the best panels there is.

Cutler Hammer panels have solid copper buss bars. This means they have better AIC rating than aluminum buss bars which some other panels have. All in all, they are just a great product in general. That is why Arrow Electric chose this particular panel to offer to our customers. We believe our customers deserve the best and safest products. We would never offer an unsafe product to any of our customers. You want a safe panel, right? Then you should call us!

If your breaker box is old and outdated, you want to change it out before it starts to have failures. It is like driving your car around with a bad tire. You know the tire will fail, and when it does it could turn into a lot more damage than if you were to have changed it before it left you stranded. That is exactly how it is with your breaker box. A lot of electrical issues can be prevented with the right preventative care. If you know that you have an old panel that could give out on you any day now, you should take the steps to prevent that from happening. Did you know that Federal Pacific panels have been known to cause fires in homes? The breakers tend to not trip when they are supposed to which can cause a lot of damage. They don’t even make the Federal Pacific panels anymore due to this reason alone.

Arrow Electric has been consistently the best rated Dallas Electrician out there. We make sure to only offer the safest and built to last products to every one of our customers. We believe that it is more about the customers safety than the money made. We will never leave you in the dark about anything we are doing and promise to give you a step by step process along the way. We offer every customer a FREE PANEL ESTIMATE. So, what are you waiting for? Call Arrow Electric today to take advantage of this amazing, lifesaving deal! 972-926-7007