You’re sitting there wondering where that smell is coming from. You have looked in various places, but were not able to locate the source of the smell. You have tried your oven, your stove and so many other areas where burning might be an issue, yet you go near a wall in the home and you smell it worse.
Could your wiring in the wall be causing a burning smell?

This can be something that happens and you need to make sure that you get the right help over before it turns into a larger fire. This can be a problem when there are rodents within the walls that are chewing on the wiring or if you have a lot of appliances hooked up to old wiring in the walls. You might be overloading the system – since it was not built to hold a lot of power from the upgraded appliances or electronics that you’re running.

You will need to have the help of a professional in a time like this since you do not want to risk causing further damage and you do not want to risk becoming harmed yourself. So if you smell burning and it is coming from your walls, the first person you need to have come over and take a look is an electrician.

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