Infrared Imaging

Dallas Infrared Imaging

A Highly Accurate Device for Your Utmost Safety

If your company is searching for Dallas infrared imaging, then you’ll need the help of Arrow Electric, Inc. We specialize in all types or repairs, remodeling, installations and so much more. When you need a good electrician for any of your infrared imaging needs, then give us a call. Our techs will be more than happy to lend you a hand.

Understanding Infrared Imaging in Dallas

What exactly is infrared imaging? That’s a good question. We offer the service but hear that a lot. Infrared imaging is the process of converting infrared radiation that’s emitted from an object. The result is a useful thermal image.

Infrared imaging makes for a reliable inspection system because it’s used to determine hot spots in buildings and other construction systems. This helps property owners and facility managers to locate potential dangers. Some of these problems can be rather costly if not taken care of immediately.

Benefits of Infrared Imaging

Only a qualified electrician, like the one you’ll find at Arrow Electric, Inc., can provide you with infrared imaging that’s going to help you save money and lots of time. Don’t wait for a problem to come up, take care of it today with Dallas infrared imaging.

Advantages of infrared imaging:

  • It’s a non-evasive test
  • Non-destructive to the dwelling
  • Infrared imaging is versatile & powerful
  • A seamless solution for preventative maintenance
  • Data gathered goes beyond human visibility

Infrared imaging is also known as thermographic. It’s widely used these days as it is the inspection system of choice because it serves as a highly accurate tool that can get the job completed. It solves a wide array of electrical problems from overloaded circuits to loose electrical connections.

Infrared imaging can help you as well. The thermographic device captures infrared images that go way beyond what we can see as humans. Call your Dallas electricians today at Arrow Electric, Inc. and you’ll be well on your way to having a safe building. This type of testing adds depth to your ideas and is able to capture problems as they occur. Before these electrical problems become a bigger issue, let us help you. You’ll be very pleased with our infrared imaging service.

Efficient Infrared Imaging Installation

Searching for an electrician to do infrared imaging is easier than you think. All you have to do is look us up. We are licensed and regulated in Dallas which means that you’ll always get quality service done by professionals who know their trade. For over 20 years now, we have been the trusted team in the community. We stand behind everything that we do and guarantee our service 100%.

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At arrow electric, we are one of the Premier electrician Dallas, Texas companies and we are constantly innovating to make sure that we have new ways to help serve our customers and clients. We want to make sure that we are consistently leading in the industry when it comes to using new technologies and services available to help make your family and your property safer. you can rest easy whenever you work with us because you’re going to know that we have a passion to consistently make our jobs the highest quality that they can be. Infrared Imaging is one of the new things available to us to help make your home safer. In this article, we are going to outline the use of an infrared imaging device and how we are able to help use it to find electrical problems in your house and give you real-world solutions to these problems.

Whenever you have an issue with your electrical system you should always reach out to an electrician Dallas, Texas professional company like Arrow Electric. You’re going to be able to see that we have a lot of experience in the industry when it comes to working with electric panels and no one else is going to offer the same level of service that we do. We have been around for 20 years so we know our way around an electric panel we definitely know how to help make our customer feel satisfied with new technologies available to us. we have grown with the new technology throughout the ages to be one of the premier electric companies in the Dallas area.

The electrical panel is going to be like the beating heart of your property and it is going to be the nerve center for all of the electric wires. This is the go-to spot for the electrician when they start diagnosing problems. You might be asking yourself what an electric panel is. The electrical panel is where the main service wire of your property connects to all the branching and extending capillaries and veins of your electrical systems.

There is a come known law among the electrician Dallas Texas companies called Ohm’s law.
Ohm’s law is complicated but important to understanding why infrared imaging systems work so well. Every electronic and electrical appliance that exists out there runs on electricity. Whenever electricity is created there is also a certain amount of heat that is created as well. Power is the flow of voltage and current in a conductor or a semiconductor. Ohm’s law states current in an electrical circuit is directly proportional to the applied potential and inversely proportional to the resistance while this is complete gibberish to anybody that doesn’t know electrical contracting work. The gist of what Ohms law means is If there’s too much current going into a wire that the wire can’t handle it it’s going to get hot because of resistance.

A skilled electrician Dallas, Texas professional is going to understand that with Ohm’s law all wires are going to generate heat to some degree. This is why it is important whenever you’re using an infrared camera to be able to determine what the average level of heat for a wire should be. As an electrician approaches your electrical panel they are going to pull out their infrared Imaging device and begin to start looking at some of the key signatures of your electrical systems. A skilled electrician is going to be able to take note of what the temperature looks like and how the dispersal of heat indicates what situation may be ongoing in your system.

Now that we understand how an electrical system generates heat through the use of ohm’s law and how a technician is going to be able to use an infrared device to pick up these heat signatures it’s best to get to understand how a skilled electrician Dallas Texas professional company is going to utilize the infrared camera technology to be able to get the best results out of this tool. All devices are known to emit infrared energy known as a heat signature. An infrared camera also is known as a thermal imager and it is going to be able to detect and measure the amounts of infrared energy coming off of an object. This camera will convert that infrared data and translate it into an electronic image the shows the current surface temperature of the object being examined. An infrared camera is going to contain an optical system that focuses the electrical energy into a special detector chip that contains hundreds of detectors or pixels arranged neatly on a grid. This gives you an image of the heat dispersal.

Whenever you have used a skilled electrician Dallas technician they are going to use an infrared camera on your electrical panel. The technician is going to be able to see the heat signatures and hot spots on your electric panel system. If everything was going perfectly everything would look to be a nominal temperature or a nice blue/yellow. As electricity flows through a circuit it does generate some heat and it will be seen throughout the entire circuit. If there is a large spot of red or orange then there is a hot spot. If there is a hotspot at one end of the wire this can indicate a larger issue that should be looked into by the electrician. Situations where an entire wire is looking incredibly hot could indicate the issue of overloading the circuit.

You should now better understand how we use infrared technology to inspect your electrical system and how we can use this new piece of technology to not only increase the speed of our technicians diagnosing problems. Infrared imaging allows us a richer understanding of the problem themselves, so you can get you a better long-term solution that isn’t going to break the bank. Always make sure that you are reaching out to a skilled electrician Dallas Texas professional company like Arrow electric whenever you are needing infrared Imaging done. Infrared technology means nothing if you don’t have the expertise to back up the technology with real problem-solving skills.