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A Trustworthy Electrician Dallas Team to Lean On

Isn’t it just a pain to simply decide on which electrician Dallas will actually be a worthwhile one? Aren’t you sick and tired of the games that are played by contracting companies with customers? How can prices possibly be this high and this competitive? Well for one thing, you do live in Dallas, Texas, the 9th most populated metropolitan area in the United States. Competition is bound to be heated! What you’re considered about most of all is finding a contractor who’s actually trustworthy. Who will actually show up when they say they will? Who will give me accurate, timely prices for any of my electrical needs? Who will come in the home actually smelling nice and looking polite?

Call on Arrow Electric to the rescue! We’ve been working in the Dallas metroplex for multiple decades and have seen it all. If you need a reliable electrician to fix up your property today, then it’s about time you gave our company a call. Here’s why…

On-Time & On Target Electrician Dallas Staff

Our electrician Dallas professionals are more than capable of getting to your job in a timely fashion. It’s one of our big statements at the top of our website. We look to be on time and on target with each call. By being “on time”, we first actually schedule specific timeframes or times to visit your place. We aren’t giving you loose claims by saying that “we’ll be there maybe today.” That’s not how you build a reliable service business! You build it by actually showing up on time and also, to the correct address. By being “on target” with our service calls, we’re going to send confirmation texts and reminders to ensure that we’re actually showing up to the right place every time. We know that Dallas traffic can be a nightmare, so we definitely need to have the correct details for each call before arriving. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s this simple. If you aren’t happy with our electrician Dallas, then you don’t have to pay! What a relief right? That you don’t have to be obligated to pay us if you’re not satisfied? What in the wide world of sports! 

At Arrow Electric, we fully believe that we need our customers to be 100% satisfied with how the job went, as much as possible. There are some people that will simply be negative Nancy’s and Nick’s and there’s no way to make them happy. Think of your old, salty, disgruntled uncle for a reference. For the most part though, our technicians do a fabulous job on leading the customer through our repair and replacement process. They have been trained on how to successfully end up with a happy customer 99% of the time. And whenever there are issues, our leadership will jump in to solve the problems once and for all!

Hundreds of 5-Star, Electrician Dallas Google Reviews

Just go check us out for yourself on Google! You have hundreds upon hundreds of people who have thoroughly enjoyed working with our company. You have people who have used us multiple times in a close pinch and came way super satisfied. From the initial service check to the final confirmation of satisfied work, these customers truly love us. Customers will remark about how our technicians stayed safe and aware of their surroundings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our people stayed with their masks on, gloves worn and a safe distance from the customers. From little repairs like microwaves to in-depth, whole home rewire jobs, our team members continue to “shock” customers with the quality of work.

Background Checked & Drug Tested Electricians Dallas

Another reason to love an electrician Dallas from Arrow Electric is because everyone who works with us is background-checked and drug-tested before visiting your home. Rest easy and know that a non-drug addict is stopping by your home to solve your electrical problems. It’s actually getting tougher and tougher nowadays to find people who don’t have mental illness or aren’t taking illegal drugs. According to the CDC, over 11% of people over the age of 12 take illegal drugs. We’d say that number is even higher from the candidate pool in the contracting world. So by having all of our guys background-checked and drug-tested, we’re really being selective with our candidates. That’s because we care!

Upfront Pricing on Electrical Work

Another thing you’ll be excited to hear is that when an electrician Dallas comes by and provides an accurate quote for work, they won’t start until you’ve agreed upon that price. Then once the price is agreed upon, they won’t budge on it. So even if our guy is taking way too long on the job, we won’t dare throw that extra expense on you! Even if we recommended that something happen with your electrical setup and you decide not to follow our best practice recommendations, your wish is our command. Have full faith and confidence that our hundreds of 5-star reviews actually follow a theme. We do a great job! 

Consumer Choice Award Winners for Over a Decade!

Has Arrow Electric been the top choice for over a decade according to the Consumer Choice Awards panel? Absolutely! Arrow Electric has taken the charge (literally and figuratively) on their electrical service with customers all across the DFW metro area. If hundreds of 5-star reviews from real customers of ours weren’t enough to make you happy, you can find the Consumer Choice Awards program to be enough solid footing to label us as a premier company to hire an electrician Dallas. 

50% Off Trip Fee to Hire an Electrician Dallas

If you haven’t heard of us though, we want to put the burden of proof and satisfaction on us from the start. That’s why if you need an electrician Dallas from Arrow Electric and you’ve never worked with us before, we provide 50% off our trip fee totally on us! There are plenty of electricians out there in the Dallas metroplex who won’t be as committed or sold out to their customers. They won’t trust themselves to actually provide a great service for the first time. They don’t have confidence to know that they’ll find all the issues faced in your home. While they are getting their full price on trip fees, these other electricians are leaving their customers unhappy. Most companies aren’t leaving a great, memorable impression with their clients.

For your convenience, we’ve actually provided some of the details and services for our work down here. If you simply need a great electrician Dallas to visit, then go ahead and give us a call today at (972) 926-7007 or fill out a form on our website at https://arrowelectric.net/.

Electrical Panel Installation Dallas TX

Oftentimes, homes are not equipped with up-to-date electrical panels. We continually find properties that are 50 years old and the last time they replaced their electrical panel was more than 20 years ago. By that time, there have likely been surges, crazy thunderstorms and random occurrences to make this electrical panel that was built more than 20 years ago, obsolete. Arrow Electric provides electrical panel installation Dallas TX for any resident who needs it! We’ll give an upfront price and accomplish the job in no time. Find out more details here about electrical panel installation Dallas TX.

Electrical Safety Inspection of the key services that an electrician provides and certainly Arrow Electric provides as the installation of electrical panels. Your panel is like the mainframe of the home. It’s the central unit for the electrical controls of the home. It’s actually the first spot that we go to for any electrical issue. If there are any electrical issues, it’s likely going to take place in this electrical panel. 

ions Dallas TX

Have you had electrical hiccups in your home? Does your office building have the creepy flickering effect that you find in horror films? Is the home your purchasing quite old and you fear that the electrical wiring or panel or lighting isn’t up to code? This is exactly where Arrow Electric comes in the clutch. These proven professionals have the expert electrician Dallas team to visit your home, be courteous and polite and provide you with detailed electrical safety inspections Dallas TX. Since our team has been in business for decades upon decades, we’ve seen just about everything. To find out more specifics about electrical safety inspections Dallas TX, click here.

Electrical Panel Replacement Dallas TX

Isn’t it about time that you replaced your electrical panels? Well instead of reading about safety protocols with electrical panels and spending your precious time dealing with this issue, just call the dedicated team at Arrow Electric! We’ll happily do an electrical panel replacement Dallas TX and secure you a panel that will last you several years down the road. In fact, the newest panels have enhanced capabilities and resistance toward inclimate weather and electrical surges. More so than the previous models! If you need more information about our electrical panel replacement Dallas TX methods, you can find the details here. If not, feel free to call us today at (972) 926-7007. You can also fill out a form on our website to talk to us when it’s more convenient at https://arrowelectric.net/.

Electrical Repairs Dallas TX

Lots of issues can happen to your electrical system. Floods can damage the wiring in walls and circuit boards can rust or wear out over time. There’s plenty more issues to mention, but I’ll save you time and inform you that Arrow Electric will be one of the best companies to contact for electrical repairs Dallas TX. They have a very professional, streamlined process for handling customer issues. 

They’ll first learn about what the main issues are and inform you briefly about what makes you stand out. Then once scheduling a specific appointment, they will send confirmations and reminders to let you know we’re serious. Once our electrician Dallas arrives on your property, they’ll execute a checklist of proven items to cover for each appointment. They educate customers about what the details are for work and will provide you an upfront price that’s accurate and detailed. After you’ve agreed to the recommendations of the job, we’ll get right to it and fix it at an affordable rate. Your electrical repairs Dallas TX will be done in no time!

Electrical Wiring Dallas TX

Your electrical wiring Dallas TX could also use help too! Animals can get into the crawl spaces of home and get themselves into some unfortunate situations. They’ll chew on wires and electrocute themselves to a bitter end. Now you have to pick up the mess and fix your electrical wiring Dallas TX. Luckily for you, one of the best solutions is to simply call Arrow Electric at (972) 926-7007. Read more details about our electrical wiring here.

Lighting Services in Dallas TX

Are you excited about setting up a good ambiance with your home? Do you like to invite and entertain guests? Do you find that one of the key things that are missing from your electrical setup is a cool lighting atmosphere? While Arrow Electric typically helps people with service calls and change outs, we also are experts at artfully displaying great lighting services in Dallas TX. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with your lighting. You can have smart lights set up in your home where with the command of your voice or the click of a button, you transform the environment around you. You can also shift the directions of lights to focus on different spots in the home through a smart setup. There’s plenty that can be executed for your home and Arrow Electric is the company to take care of it for you. See some the options we can provide with our lighting services in Dallas TX here.

There’s plenty more that we could discuss about Arrow Electric’s award-winning service. Literally, as you already read, our company has won the Consumer Choice Award for more than a decade! Just simply call us at your earliest convenience or fill out a form so we can get a hold of you!

Schedule Service

At Arrow Electric we have been serving our customers for over two decades as the premier electrician Dallas, Texas company. With 20 years of experience under our belt, there’s not a problem that we haven’t seen before. When you’ve seen it all you know how to handle every problem with professionalism and a calm head. We make sure that all of our employees are trained on an ongoing basis so that way they never get out to a job site unprepared for the job at hand.

Whenever we send a technician out to you rest assured knowing that this person is going to be knowledgeable, well-dressed, and professional. When it comes to working in your home we know it can be frustrating to trust strangers. That’s why we’re dedicated to being the best electrician Dallas, Texas company. We go the extra mile to make sure that all of our employees are licensed and understand the regulations in the state of Texas. We also make sure that they are background checked and most importantly drug tested to ensure that you have the best team of electricians available to help you with your projects.

Thanks to the loyal customers that we’ve had over this 20-year span we’ve been able to win countless awards for our customer service and our commitment to excellence. We wake up every day with a passion to help people solve the problems in their homes. Arrow Electric is a member of the Better Business Bureau and we hold an A+ rating and accreditation with the organization. It takes a lot to maintain a A+ rating as an electrician Dallas Texas company.

Aside from our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we are also the proud recipient of the Consumer’s Choice Award for Dallas electricians. We have won the Consumer’s Choice Award for ten consecutive years. No one else out there can say that they’ve won the Consumer Choice Award for the best electrician Dallas Texas for 10 years like we have. It takes an insane level of commitment to customer service and a passion for bringing professionalism to every project that you do to win this award year after year. Consumer Choice Award is considered the business seal of excellence. The reward not only constitutes an unparalleled achievement in the efforts but also represents a commitment to maintaining cutting edge knowledge over the years.

We are a family-owned business this allows us to make sure that our high dedication to quality and commitment to excellence There is no job that is too big for us to tackle or any job too small for us to be called out for. We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us for any of your residential or commercial electrical needs. We bring a high degree of passion for every job that we do. No matter if your job is changing a single light bulb in a high up ceiling or getting the electric systems working in a Walmart Supercenter we are going to be able to help you at any step in your project. This is what defines us as one of the best electrician Dallas Texas companies.

We have years of experience when it comes to electrical service work and that’s why we want to put our knowledge to work for you. We’ve done all the homework for you so you’ll never have to read another blog post again about why your lights are flickering when you can just give us a call and have it explained. When you give us a call we will be able to give you a clear and concise answer on how to fix it or will come out and we’ll see for ourselves what the problem is. If we come out we will give you a clear detailed explanation of what the problem is and how it’ll get fixed. Name one other electrician Dallas that’s going to do this for you.

We have an extensive service area that’s going to allow us to bring our world-class service to a lot of different locations across the Dallas area. We are the premier electrician Dallas and some of our services are going to extend into the surrounding cities. We are located out in Garland Texas. We are going to be able to help people all the way from Allen to University Park, Texas. If you are sitting in front of your computer scratching your head wondering if we’re going to be able to help you because you’re located near the Dallas area but you can’t quite figure out if you are in the service area go ahead and give us a call. We are going to be able to tell you if we can come out and give you our world-class service. Arrow Electric is dedicated to helping anybody with their electrician Dallas needs.

We will help with all aspects of your electrical systems. No matter if you are just needing a major renovation project like switching out the electric panel in your house or you’re needing a simple project like getting some landscape lights wired up so that way you can view your beautiful garden at 2 am. We’re here to help with any problem big and small and we want you to feel comfortable working with us that’s why we have one hundred percent guarantee on our services. Any real electrician Dallas company is going to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are not afraid of making a mistake and owning up to it. You don’t get to 20 years in business without making a single mistake you get thereby making sure that you fix the mistakes whenever they’re made and you treat the customer right.

If you’re not happy with our electrical services you don’t have to pay. That’s right you do not have to pay for our service if you are not completely satisfied with what we’re doing to help get your electrical systems where they need to be. We want to earn your trust and business as a customer that’s why we have our customer service first policies and procedures to make sure that we are placing our customers ahead of our business. Without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business.