Pool lighting is beautiful to use at night. With the right lighting throughout the inside of the pool, you’re able to gain more from the pool that you have since you’re now able to see where you’re swimming – even when the sun sets in the horizon. The lights are placed inside the pool, which is where the common worry comes from.

Many people wonder if adding lighting to their pool is safe. This is something that comes up often when considering whether or not you want to move forward with the lighting or if it is something that is best left alone.

Yes, pool lighting can be quite safe when it comes to adding specific lights to your pool. Of course, the lighting has to be water proof. You’re adding the lights to the sides of the pool, so they will be submerged. This lights up the water so you’re able to see but does not pose a health risk to anyone that decides they want to go swimming.

The secret is that the specialized bulbs are placed in specialized casings that protect the bulb, even while underwater. The bulbs tend to be on a solar pattern which ensures that they are not hooked directly to an outlet through a wire. Solar lighting is safe for any water that it might be submerged under. You’re able to choose from various lighting and fixture styles for the pool that you have.

Speak with a specialized electrician in the Dallas area to learn how you can have safe, beautiful pool lighting for your pool. They are able to reassure you that the pool lighting they are going to place in your pool is as safe as it can be.
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