Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Dallas Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Upgrading Your Electrical Wiring to Keep You Safe

If you live in an older home, particularly homes that are built between the 1960s to 1970s, chances are, your electrical wirings are mostly aluminum. This type of material has been deemed dangerous due to its potential to overheat and start fires. As a family-owned company dedicated to keeping our customers safe, Arrow Electric, Inc. recommends that homes with aluminum electrical wiring should be immediately replaced by copper wiring. Our Dallas electricians have the experience and know-how to get the replacement done right the first time. We put great attention to detail and refuse to cut corners to ensure a safe and efficient electrical system.

Dangers of Aluminum Wiring

Below are some reasons why aluminum wiring should be replaced:

  • Aluminum is soft, which can cause a loose connection and start a fire
  • Aluminum expands and contracts with the movement of electrical heat. When it contracts, the connection becomes more loose, creating a fire hazard
  • Aluminum is a poorer electrical conductor
  • When aluminum is exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes, causing the connection to deteriorate
  • Aluminum is prone to corrosion

Advantages of Copper Wiring

Although copper wirings are a little more expensive than aluminum wirings, copper wirings have several long-term benefits.

These include:

  • Copper is the best conductor, which makes your electrical system more efficient
  • Copper is flexible and won’t brittle when you bend it
  • Copper is not easy to melt, even with power surges
  • Copper does not loosen
  • Copper is more compatible with many electrical appliances or fixtures

It is important to update and maintain electrical wiring for safety reasons as well as to ensure the efficiency of the electrical system. However, only a knowledgeable electrical wiring professional should attempt to do so as there are many things that could go wrong with improper wiring. Arrow Electric, Inc. has years of experience installing, replacing, repairing and maintaining electrical wires for home electrical systems. Put your trust in our expertise, and ensure your home is wired correctly.

Replace Your Aluminum Wiring Today

Our Dallas electricians cannot wait for you to enjoy the many benefits of copper wiring. Let us replace your aluminum wiring for a safer and more efficient electrical system. We also offer a 100% customer service guarantee, which means that when you’re not satisfied with the service we provide, you don’t have to pay even a single dime!

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There still a common misconception among the lot of people that all houses are made with copper wiring in their houses. Any electrician Dallas, Texas company is going to be able to tell you that this isn’t the case and some houses now are actually made with aluminum wiring. Copper wire is really the wiring of choice and it’s why you’re going to want to understand the implications of both systems and how one can benefit you more than the other. A lot of the aluminum wired houses were built back between 1950 and 1975 when copper was too expensive and everyone was looking for a way to cut costs when they were building new homes.

This trend is still continuing to this day and some companies will choose to opt for aluminum wires over copper wires in a house. Aluminum is a much cheaper metal than copper and this is why it’s the budget wire of choice. While aluminum wiring works the same way as copper wiring there is a significant problem that has been detected in aluminum wiring that isn’t seen in Copper wiring. In aluminum wiring, the main danger is going to present itself in the form of the connections. If you reach out to an electrician Dallas, Texas company like Arrow electric you are going to get clear and concise answers on how a copper system is going to be more beneficial to you than the aluminum system.

As we all know when electricity passes through electric cables and connectors the wires will expand and heat up. This is where the problem is going to lie. Aluminum can expand three times its size, in other words, it has a much higher rate of thermal expansion and this can be difficult on your wiring systems. All of this growing and shrinking from use is going to make it so that air pockets are able to form in the wires and oxidation will get in. If oxidation occurs on your wires you will have issues with the connection points This is why we always recommend that you reach out to an electrician Dallas, Texas professional company like Arrow Electric to fully understand the implications of the project you are getting yourself into.

You should always reach out to an electrician Dallas, Texas professional company like Arrow Electric whenever you are attempting to figure out if your house uses an aluminum wiring system or a copper wiring system. Once you reach out to us we will tell you how best to go about approaching an electrical system in your house. If neglected aluminum wiring can be a serious fire hazard and it could be lurking in light switches, outlets, and fixtures.

Aluminum isn’t all bad as a wiring system. This is why we want to make sure that you fully understand the implications of having an aluminum-based system. Aluminum is going to offer greater malleability when it comes to actually making the wires as opposed to copper wire. Aluminum is very soft and malleable and is extremely sensitive to compression. Basically, if you screw in an aluminum wire to create the connection a little too tightly the screw is going to continue to deform the wire over time. Tightening an aluminum wire can causing deformation will create loose connections and increase electrical resistance. Because aluminum is so soft and malleable it’s a little less ductile as well and it’ll break down a little more readily as opposed to copper when it’s being subjected to bending and other forms of abuse.

As the premier electrician Dallas, Texas professionals we want to make sure that we offer aluminum wire replacements for your house. The processes to replace aluminum wires in a house is relatively simple, but it should definitely be done by a professional. You are going to want to make sure that you reach out to somebody with a lot of experience. We have over two decades of experience when it comes to electric work and that’s why we’re the perfect fit for helping you replace your aluminum wiring.

You may be wondering to yourself when the best time to reach out to an electrician Dallas Texas company is going to be. If you are experiencing issues like unusually warm outlets or faceplates or in some situations experiencing some very strange mechanical odors you should probably reach out to an electrician. Another big warning sign will be if you see any smoke or unexplained static on the TV or radio whenever you turn these devices on. These are high-powered drain devices and this will allow you to see the issue of expanding wires yourself. If you experience any problems like the ones listed above you should go ahead and reach out to an electric company with a lot of experience so that way we can help walk you through the steps of understanding whether it’s the wiring or if it’s another issue in your house.

If you are experiencing these issues and you want to know what the next step for would-be there are a few different steps forward. One of the things that we can do is help rewire your home with copper wire. You should always make sure that you reach out to an experienced electrician Dallas Texas company. If you reach out to an expert you can rest assured knowing that your project is going to be done by professionals and it will be done right the first time so you won’t have to worry about your electrical problems occurring again.

At Arrow Electric we have over 20 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We highly recommend that you just work with the best electrician Dallas Texas company you can find. We put our customer’s safety as our top priority and that’s why you should work with us whenever you are replacing the entire wiring system for your house. The wiring system in your house is going to be a very delicate procedure and is going to need the eyes of an expert whenever it’s replaced. Switching to copper could yield a lot of benefits when it comes to your electrical bill each month and the overall safety of your home, but this will mean nothing if it’s compounded with expensive repair bills from an amateur electrician. If you’re still unsure about some of the implications of having a copper system versus an aluminum system we encourage you to reach out to us so we can help explain some of the benefits that one system might have over the other.