Electrical Repairs

Keeping Your Electrical System Safe & Efficient

Electrical repairs may seem like something you can do yourself. However, all tasks involving electricity is a highly dangerous job, especially when you have zero information regarding electrical systems. These DIY electrical repairs have the potential to short out your equipment, damage valuable or expensive appliances, start a fire, or even electrocute you. For any issues that you encounter with your electrical system, it is always recommended that you hire the professional electricians at Arrow Electric, Inc.

We are a family-owned Dallas electrical repair company dedicated to keeping you safe and comfortable with a well-functioning electrical system. We have handled thousands of jobs in the past and was even given the Consumer’s Choice Award for Dallas electricians in 2007-2016. Our team is equipped not only with top quality tools and equipment but also with the knowledge of the latest industry standards and safety building codes. We make sure that our electrical repairs in Dallas are done with the highest level of care and attention that you deserve.

Importance of Hiring a Professional Dallas Electrician

There are many factors involved when attempting to repair an issue in your electrical system. At Arrow Electric, Inc., we have the training and the experience to handle the issues safely and efficiently.

Reasons for hiring our Dallas electricians:

  • We are certified by the state of Texas to perform any electrical jobs
  • We can deal with unexpected electrical issues effectively and competently
  • We are insured in case of a mishap
  • We deliver superior workmanship with lasting results
  • We are dedicated to providing peace of mind

Count on Arrow Electric, Inc. for All Your Electrical Issues

Quality electrical work depends on consistency and uniformity. That is why there is an electrical code, so everyone is clear on the correct and incorrect way to perform an electrical repair or installation. Our Dallas residential electricians will always make sure to be efficient, professional and helpful. At Arrow Electric, Inc. we keep your home and family protected.

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