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Surge Protection in Dallas

Protect Your Valuable Investments from Power Surges

Power surges can occur anytime without notice. During storms or unexplained electrical accidents, there is a huge chance that you have to deal with your electrical devices consistently shutting off and restarting. If your television, refrigerator, microwave, entertainment system, computers, modem, router, lamps, and everything else aren’t protected, they will get destroyed by a surge.

At Arrow Electric, Inc., we can provide you with a whole-house surge protection to insure your home and electronics from unpredictable power surges. While some power strips and individual surge protectors can save some of your electronics, our Dallas electricians recommend a whole house surge protection that can cover all your home’s electrical appliances.

Our wide range of surge protection includes:

  • Dallas electrical protection devices
  • Whole house electrical protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Utility grid switching protection

How We Can Help You

Getting surge protection for your entire home is a necessity if you want to save your electrical appliances from being destroyed by power surges. Power surges can happen to literally anybody and you want to be prepared when it happens to you. Our surge protection can help preserve life-saving medical equipment, important data, invaluable electrical systems, and more. As this is a relatively inexpensive way to protect your home in case of emergency, we highly recommend everybody has their home surge protected.

Our electricians have been helping customers save their electronics for decades and we know how to effectively protect your home today. We will leave no rock unturned and no appliance unprotected when we come to your home. Being thorough and paying close attention to detail is what we are known for.

Installing Your Surge Protection Device in Dallas

Our skilled electricians have been helping customers with surge protection installations in Dallas since 1998. We specialize in all types of electrical installations for residential and commercial applications. All our work is 100% guaranteed. When we install your whole home surge protector, you can be sure the work will be performed correctly.

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Here at Arrow Electric, we have over two decades of experience helping customers create safer systems for their houses and families as one of the premier electrician Dallas Texas professionals. There are many ways that we go about offering to help make customers’ homes safer. A few things that we do is we published public memos like this to help make people more aware of some of the dangers of the electrical systems in their house and how they can help better avoid long-term problems down the road. Today we’re going to be focusing on surge protection. A surge is whenever excess power flows into your system and bypasses the traditional limiting systems to flow directly into your devices.

One of the most well-known ways a surge can happen in a house is through a lightning strike. Imagine all of that electricity from the lightning going directly into your house’s systems. You can imagine that that would probably pop some light bulbs and fry a computer or two. Whenever a lightning strike surge occurs it most definitely can destroy all of the electrical systems in your house and destroy your electric panel in your garage. Basically, imagine all the voltage of a lightning bolt trying to be crammed into the space of an outlet in your house. It’s just not going to work. Lightning strikes are a very serious event. This is why you want to make sure that you reach out to an electrician Dallas professional to understand how you can mitigate some of the damages of a lightning strike on your home

If a lightning strike does occur on your property and it interferes with your electrical system than thousands of volts are going to immediately fry absolutely everything that is connected to it like laptops, TVs, and lights. However lightning is not the only way that a surge can occur it is just the strongest form and the easiest to understand. There are several other way surges can occur within the house. Always make sure that you contact an electrician Dallas, Texas professional company to help inspect when there any sort of lightning strike signs because this can be a most critical time.

There are many different ways that a surge can find its way into your electrical system. Some of the high-intensity surges are going to come in the form of the switching power companies, the flow of electricity restarting, power line faults from overhead power lines, or malfunctioning equipment within your own building that would normally aid in the regulation of flow. No matter what the source of the electrical surge is you are going to want to make sure that you rely on an electrician Dallas Texas professional company to come out and help. We will understand the problem better and get you the best answer fast.

Aside from the major surges that can occur with power companies and lightning strikes there are several ways that minor charges can occur within your home. These minor surges might occur from things like fan motors or other large power drain devices turning on and off frequently. These smaller surges can send little pulses of extra electricity to the devices that are plugged into your home and can damage them over time. You are not going to see the immediate blow out that you would see if you had a major event like a lightning strike, but over time you’ll begin to notice a difference in your devices like lights burning out quicker or speakers sounding funny. There are ways to mitigate minor surges in your house and you should always reach out to an electrician Dallas Texas company so that way you can understand how to best go about preventing minor surges in your own home. One of the ways that we recommended to prevent minor searches is to invest in a surge protector.

What is a surge protector and how does it work? A surge protector works by redirecting the surge to the ground away from any equipment that you have plugged into it. It’s basically like an outlet extender except that it has surge protection capacity. It’s basically going to cap the output at a certain wattage or voltage of electricity and return any unwanted electricity back into the home circuit loop. This will help distribute the load and mitigate some of the effects of a major surge event like a lightning strike. If you were to have a surge protector on and plugged into a lamp with a lightning strike occurred your light bulb will not explode and it would most likely still work the next day. Always make sure that you reach out to a knowledgeable electrician Dallas, Texas company so that you can best understand what level of surge protection you are going to need for your situation.

There are some surge protectors that are just going to work for lamps and other home devices while there are some large surge protectors that are going to be able to help your home’s electric panel. The electric panel is the beating heart of your house and it’s where all the electricity flows through from the main power line. Imagine if you were to get a spike on your main power line it would affect literally everything on the other end of it. Everything in your house would go out in a single minute. This is why it’s very important to understand what a surge protector is and some of the benefits that it can offer you whenever the surge protector is installed directly onto your electric panel. If we went back to the situation of a lightning strike and lightning struck a panel system with a surge protector. The lighting most likely not affect anything within the house and you’ll never have to even worry about it.

If you have any questions about surge protectors and how they can help benefit you and your situation go ahead and reach out to a skilled electrician Dallas Texas company like Arrow Electric. We will be glad to help you with all of your needs or surge protection based questions. Ask us anything that you might want to know about getting a surge protector installed directly into your house that way you can prevent and mitigate any of these problems from occurring and prolong the life of your devices and lower your electric bill.