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Dallas Electricians Handling Your Panel Installations

How many devices do you have plugged in throughout your home? TVs, smartphones, appliances and more all rely on the efficiency of your electrical system. That is why it is extremely important for your safety and your home’s condition to have the appropriate electrical panel installed. Whether you have a new home with new electrical requirements, need to replace an old panel, or simply want an upgraded breaker box, our Dallas electricians are the ones to get it done right.

The Importance of the Proper Electrical Panel for Your Home
Each Dallas home is different. Whether new or old, having the proper electrical panel is key to handling your power needs. An inefficient electrical panel may be unsafe, ineffective, or costing you more on your electric bill each month.

How installing the proper electrical panel can help:

  • Electrical Panel in a New Home – When building your new home, it is important to make sure your new electrical system is safe, and is optimized for your growing power usage. At Arrow Electric, Inc., our valued electricians have the knowledge base to recommend the most efficient electrical option for your new home.
  • Proper Power Distribution – No more flickering lights or tripped power breakers – beginning with, or upgrading to, the proper electrical system is key to proper power distribution throughout your home. Our Dallas technicians analyze your family’s power needs and offer an efficient solution for your current and future electrical needs.
  • Electrical Panel Safety – Older homes often host an electrical panel in an odd place, or multiple conflicting panels throughout the home. At Arrow Electric, Inc., your safety is our priority. Our technicians offer electrical services that are cost effective, allow for an effective flow of power, and are safe for you and your family. Find out more about panel replacements here.

Let us handle any of the following residential electrical services in Dallas:

  • Panel replacement and upgrades
  • Electrical safety inspections
  • Home generators
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electrical wiring
  • Lighting repairs and installations
  • Surge protection
  • Infrared imaging services
  • Aluminum wiring replacement

As Dallas electric panel replacement experts we know your home is probably your largest investment so it leads to reason that as a homeowner, you want to protect that investment, recent home fires, media coverage, informative web sites and reputable testing institutions have brought to light the dangers of specific residential main breaker panels, “Federal Pacific” and “Zinsco” known for their faulty circuit breakers, faulty busses (where the breaker attaches) as part of the electrical box and in general their high failure rate due to their obsolete design. There is also a concern with the longevity of all residential breaker panels or fuse boxes (25 years life) as once referred to for their intended usage. These breaker panels to be concerned with “Federal Pacific” the most referred to problematic box due to its breaker failure rate, and “Zinsco” breaker panel type and also referred to as “sylvannia” in certain years for its breaker design and buss failure rate due to the poor quality material used with a known weakness for heat. As Eaton/Cutler Hammer certified electricians we are specialist in Dallas electric panel installations and specialize in these types of upgrades and panel changes, all of our residential breaker panel changes include a lifetime warranty on the installation, breaker panels as well as the installed circuit breakers. For a free evaluation of your main electrical breaker panel call our friendly professionals for peace of mind.

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There can be a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to getting an electric panel installed into a new home and how an electric panel and its maintenance and upkeep affect you and your day-to-day life. An electric panel is going to be the go-to in your house for where the power enters into your house from the main service lines in the ground. This is basically going to be like the beating heart of your house when it comes to electricity and this is probably going to be the first stop location for most of your electrical problems in your house.

The electrical panel or also known sometimes as the circuit breaker is going to be a box located in the utility portion of your house and it is going to help serve them as the main source of the interference with the electrical flow of your house. We recommend that you do not mess with your electrical panel if you are not a trained electrician Dallas TX technician because then it can be a costly repair or it could even be in your life.

What is the process behind putting an electrical panel into a new house? The first step is going to be getting in contact with the power utility company. Whenever you have a newly built house you are going to have to make sure that the wiring that leads to the property is off before you attempt to add an electrical circuit breaker. There should be one room with a large metal conduit where the main electric feeder wires are going to lead to. This is usually going to be in a utility portion of the house and it is not necessarily going to be found an inconvenient location. Once the power has been turned off by the local power utility company it is going to be safe to reach out to an electrician Dallas professional so that way somebody can come and make sure that the box gets installed properly.

From the beating heart of the electrical panel, there is going to be the capillaries and veins of your house. What this means is that there are going to be larger feeder wires that will get mass amounts of electricity into a portion of your house and then split into smaller wires that will lead into things like your outlets or fixtures. all of these wires are going to meet up at the heart of your house or the electric panel and then from there, power will connect from the primary source to your bedside outlet. So in a house that is already had the walls established and drywall put up, there’s most likely going to be a central cut out that is already been established for the location of the electric panel. This is going to have the butt end of all of the capillaries and veins of your house while it’s also going to have the head end of the main feeder tubes all in one location, how convenient! Although you should always trust an electrician Dallas professional to make sure that the power is dead in the wires before you actually start any project on your own no matter how experienced you feel.

When the electrician Dallas professional gets his hands on the metal punch outs for the main service conduit as well as the end pieces of each of the branch circuits that he will push them through to the breaker box. Next he’ll use a chisel or possibly even a punch-out tool to remove some of the metal that is in the way of getting all of the wires aligned properly. The next step is going to be inserting the mount holes in the back of the electric panel unit and mounting it to the wall or wooden planks might be there to support the electric panel. Once the technician has the electric panel in place and the wires are secured in places that he should have them. Then it goes on to the fun part of actually wiring up the electrical panel circuit.

The very first thing is making sure that the main grounding wire is connected to the electric panel to prevent any injuries. This is one of the reasons why I highlight that you should use a professional and licensed electrician Dallas TX technician to make sure everything goes smoothly. The first thing that the technicians are going to do after making sure that the grounding wire is secured is that they are going to fish the other end of your main power line from underground and bring it into the house and fish out a lot so there is plenty of room to work with. The next step is going to be to make sure that the wires are prepared and bent for easy installation into the main breaker. In most cases the main breaker is a large 240 volt circuit breaker that is located at the top of the panel this is like the master switch for your house.

The ends of all of the service wires are stripped off by your trusted neighborhood electrician Dallas just enough to make sure that the metal can make contact with the metal inside of the electrical circuit breaker and that way you will be able to house the flow of power. Positive and the negative wires are connected as well as a neutral wire and then from there you’re going to go on to the next and final step of connecting the branch circuit wires. The branch circuit wires are the end pieces of the large capillaries and veins that will run through your house.

These need to be connected to circuit breakers that can what stands the amount of power that is going to be drawn from them. In most cases, they are 120-volt circuit breakers. After all of the circuits are wired up excess wire is looped neatly along the side of the bottom of the metal panel and the cover of the circuit breaker is installed and then from there that house has power once the power is turned back on from the power Service Company. It is at this point that a trusted electrician Dallas technician will go through the house and make sure that there are no outages in any of the wires.